General Ghillie Suit Information

Details, details, details.

There's so much to think about when you buy a ghillie suit, but all you want is a SUIT!! That's why we have already thought of these things for you - it makes it easier for you!


All of our units, and the parkas in particular, are built to fit loosely. The common reaction from people seeing our suits for the first time is to think that they will be heavy and hot. They are not -- they were originally designed by special force / special op folks to be worn in desert and tropical conditions. They need to be roomy enough to accommodate insulated clothing (not to mention tactical clothing and/or equipment) worn under the ghillies.


Our burlap is cut, hand-brushed, bleached, washed and then dyed to match any color scheme and any environmental conditions in the world. From desert and scrub to deciduous forests and grasslands. We make snow suits and units for different types of urban applications. These colors are layered into the burlap in such a manner that they remain distinct, not blended, and can therefore react to reflected light by reflecting back those same colors. By adapting to their immediate environments in this manner, they can be used in a surprising variety of diverse areas. It is necessary to choose a color scheme (a dark woodland tone will not work real well in a desert), but colors should be combined to provide a good amount of variance for your potential locations.

Bow Hunters

We talk about the "bow hunting modification." To accomplish this, we do two things to a basic SOG suit. We separate the hood, providing a collar on the bottom of the hood and the top of the parka, which allows the hood to freely move with the head. We then put a cordura skid beneath the burlap on the left chest (for right-handed shooters). To use a bow, then, the user simply lifts the burlap on his left chest up over his shoulder. Most bow hunters also then cut off some of the longer burlap strandage from the side of the hood, but we leave it there.

All Suits

Ghillie suits are and forever will be, as a real good rule, a continuing work in progress. This fact seems to be particularly true for folks (especially military) who have ever built a suit of their own. No two people will react to the same suit in exactly the same way. They will love different parts of the design, and they will absolutely have no use for different other parts. We know this, and have come to terms with the idea. That's one reason we make so many styles. There are, in this regard, two areas that we have decided we will not change, concerning which we will not alter our assembly method, that always seem to come up in later conversation.

  1. If the burlap on the front of your suit is too long, cut it off. We have never been real good at knowing just how long particular customers will absolutely want the strandage (parka front, sides of leg chaps, forearms, side of hood, etc.) We have cut it too long and we have cut it too short. Now we do not cut it at all. Go for it.

  2. We "hand-brush" our burlap, we do not "shag" or "fray" the strandage. We like how it looks. Always have. We like how it reflects such a wide range of a given light spectrum. We like how it subdues and alters the otherwise two-dimensional aspect of a human form, how it can mimic such an incredible variety of local vegetations. If you want to "fray" the burlap, by which we mean to remove all the horizontal threads and achieve that desired "fuzzy" look, we say again: Go for it.


A lot of people ask us how we came up with our designs. Here's the story:

We started out with a former Marine. Good idea. We asked some special ops folks what they wanted. Better idea. We asked our customers what they were looking for. Better and better.

When we had all the ideas and suggestions in place from all these people, we brought in Mom. Yes, Mom - the women who want their sons to come home from the war zones, the special assignments, the intense danger; the wives and mothers of children who want to grow up knowing their fathers. We care, deeply and personally, for our customers.

"Mom" decided that each suit would be made however each son wanted it made, not mass-produced, not "good enough". "Mom" decided that each suit had to work and had to last. We decided to go along with "Mom". Would you argue with Mom?


We guarantee our workmanship. Our seams won't rip out, our zippers won't break.

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