Military Applications

As with Tactical, Military has its own traditional preferences. The single most important of these is an apparently strong desire to spend as much time as possible crawling around. They like extremely low profiles and as little burlap as possible between the ghillie user and the ground. And they like simple: no particular frills, no time wasted getting into or out of the units. They tend to be a very serious group of people, operating at long distances with likewise serious stuff.

To accommodate these inclinations, Military Suits have limited burlap on the front (to discourage snagging) and no ventilation tubes in the standard hoods (to lower the ground profile). The hoods are detachable to allow the hood to move to preserve binocular vision when needed and movement of the head without moving the hood when that is needed. The trousers are one-piece units, allowing them to be stepped into with minimal time and effort expended.

There are, of course, two styles:

  1. The Light Military Ghillie is by far our more popular suit. The parka weighs about 8 pounds, has very little burlap on the front, but comes standard with:
    The pants are a combination of LTG leg chaps and leg pads, sewn together around the same rip-stop woven mesh as is used for the parka. They feature:

  2. The Full Military Ghillie is built on BDU's built by us to assure that no signature stamping has taken place. The buttons on the jacket are replaced by a full-length zipper, tucked behind the flap. We add chest vents and a back vent in our mesh. Pockets are sewn in below the chest vents to allow quick access to magazines. Other features of this suit include:
    The trousers are built on BDU's, also. They feature:
    Vegetation tie-strings, wrist cartridge or ballistic chart holders, etc. are optional on either suit.

Orders for the FMG must specify BDU sizes (jacket and trousers) and camo pattern desired.

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