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Boonie Hat $75.00    
Helmet Cover $75.00    
Shotgun Rifle Cover $70.00    
Scoped Rifle Cover $85.00    
Scoped Rifle Cover with Blast Mat $100.00    
Scoped Rifle Cover Long Strandage Option $30.00    
Barrett .50-Caliber Rifle Cover $145.00    
Barrett .50-Caliber Rifle Cover with Blast Mats $160.00    
Back Pack Cover (Small) $115.00    
Panels Only (each) $35.00    
Panels Sewn Onto Suit (each) $37.50    
Ghillie Stuff Sack OR Duffle Bag (Medium) $65.00    
Wrist Holders (each) $30.00    
Tie-Strings (per set) $30.00    
Cordura Zipper Flap $30.00    
(2) Breast or Leg Chaps Pockets $30.00    
Arm Skids / No Padding $60.00    
Arm Pads / Fully Padded $85.00    
Chest Skids / No Padding $60.00    
Chest Skids / Fully Padded $85.00    
Advanced Crawl Design on Tactical Suits $145.00    
Tactical Leg Pads $145.00    
Tapered Leg Chaps $175.00    

The "Advanced Crawl Design" Includes Arm Skids, Thumb Loops, and Tactical Leg Pads without burlap.

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