The Ghillie Suit Explained

In a nutshell, the development history of the Custom Concealment, Inc. ghillie suit is a good example of a simple idea grown complex. Where the original Scots had one basic design, traditionally adapted to meet the immediate situation in the field, we have taken it upon ourselves to offer seven different styles of ghillie apparel. These seven styles are divided into three general categories, depending on the particular type of user applications:

All of our suits have full hoods and face shields. They are each saturation sprayed with chemical fire retardant and water repellent. They all roll up into a tight bundle for backpacking. In every case, there is a choice of size, color combinations and option selection.

The Serape is made in one size only and does not include a head covering or roll-up straps.

The bases of all parkas, except for the Full Military Jacket, are made from a polyester / nylon rip-stop woven mesh material to provide for air circulation and yet hold up to abnormal wear. The only other really good general conclusion one can draw is that the further down the above list you move, the more you should be willing to spend.

All of our Ghillie Apparatus is made of layered panels of bleached, stripped jute burlap; hand brushed, dyed, and assembled into diverse color schemes designed to match and reflect characteristic shades of regional terrain and seasonal conditions. Each of the separate strands contains at least four primary color tones. Most contain more than 8 colors on each individual strand. The dyeing process is done in such a manner that the completed units will actually appear to shift in color to reflect the specific colors of the immediate surrounding area.

As you move through these explanations, please keep in mind that we are, as the name implies, a custom shop. This means that we typically do not begin to make your order until you actually place the order. We do not carry a lot of finished stock, and will therefore not make any attempt to sway your purchase to ship slow moving inventory. We will assist you in selecting what it is that you may want, based on our experience and feedback from others concerning your particular environment, conditions and potential applications. You may pick and choose absolutely whatever you want. If you want a Serape with matching Full Military Trousers, then we will send that to you. If you want a SOG Suit with cartridge holders on your leg chaps and a pistol pocket on your upper left outer sleeve, so be it. Beyond the boundaries of propriety and good judgment, we simply do not care. And, even then, we are not paid to argue.

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