What Makes us so Special?


All of our ghillie suits are made to order. This means that we don't make it until you order it. We build your ghillie suit to match your area and your needs. We offer an UNCONDITIONAL 30-day guarantee that the suit will be what you ordered. Once that time has passed, you can rely on our TWO-YEAR warranty against defects in workmanship.

Our experienced workers know how to layer colors into the burlap we'll use on your suit to make it match your area. The burlap is dyed in such a manner that it will, to a surprising degree, actually appear to change color to blend with naturally surrounding foliage and/or regional terrain. It is attached to the apparel in a manner which largely eliminates snagging.

We're fussy about concealment. Most of our customers are facing situations where their lives may be in danger if they are seen. That's a big responsibility, and we take it seriously.

We use a military-quality fire retardant to help eliminate the possibility of harm to our customers. We use a water repelllant to help eliminate the weight of moisture from the strands and to keep them from being pushed out of shape by the weight of water in the air, be it dew or light rain.


Custom Concealment, Inc. was incorporated in 1996. Since then, we have made to order over 10,000 items of ghillie apparel. That is "experience"!

We were the designers of the roll-up ghillie suit, back when we started making them. This was to make it easy to transport the suits to the site where they were to be used without the user having to carry an unwieldy bundle.

We invented the thumb loops to keep the sleeves in place. At first, this was an option, and now we have decided that it's a necessity, so all of our suits, have thumb loops for ease of use. We designed the hood and sniper veil as an integral part of the suit, and all of our ghillie suits, except the Serape, have a full hood with a full sniper veil to keep your head and face concealed.

We've got the trained personnel to complete your suit quickly and well. We're not the johnny-come-lately ghillie suit manufacturers you'll see offering to go home after work and stitch a suit together in their basements or garages after they work a full shift somewhere else. We do this every day, and our employees work full-time to make ghillie suits. It's what we do, and it's ALL that we do.


We build on a base platform of eye-mesh that allows the wearer to have air circulating under and through the suit. We don't buy a piece of clothing and attach burlap to it -- we start from materials on rolls hanging in the plant and cut out the patterns to fit the buyer. This means that our suits don't pick up odors, don't fit too tightly or hang too loosely, and don't end up smelling of sweat, dirt, or any of the other things a ghillie suit that sits next to the body of the wearer ends up smelling like. Our eye mesh won't pick up odors, and our burlap is away from your body. It also means that if you happen to need longer sleeves, shorter sleeves, or one less sleeve, we are prepared to make your suit fit you.

Our suits are comparatively light and airy. They are designed to be easy to put on, easy to take off. If you should happen to brush against fire with one leg, you don't have to remove the whole suit to get that smoldering burlap to stop smoking. You simply remove that one leg chap and slap the smoldering part of it. (Nothing can possibly make burlap NOT burn. Keep that in mind. But raw, untreated burlap will go up like dry tinder. Our burlap will smolder slowly and give you time to put the burning spot out.) Each piece of your suit comes off individually to allow you to have at least some concealment, no matter which piece you have to remove for what reason.

We understand the human body, and we know that bladders fill. Our suits are designed to allow for relief without removal. We know that bugs bite, and a bug biting your back will most likely cause you to move and be seen. Our mesh keeps insects out with the use of tightening ties at waist, wrist, and face.

We know that weather changes. We know that on some days, you'll wish you didn't have to wear anything, and that on other days, you'll wish you had a portable heater as well as several layers of clothing. Our suits fit over whatever you may want to wear under them, and they will conceal you without your having to wear other camoflauge gear with them. If you really do want to wear canary yellow, they will still cover you and conceal you as well as if you were wearing BDU's or other camoflauge cloth clothing.


We don't dye the burlap for your suit until you order it, so we make sure that your suit matches your terrain. We've got files of photos sent to us to match, boxes of branches and foilage sent to us to match, and the years of practice at making the colors that will blend into the terrains. We mix our own dyes because it's not possible to buy them pre-mixed and ready to go to match sagebrush, clay soils, mountains, and the hundreds of colors of grasses the world has to offer.

We know that there are times and reasons when you won't need all the features our suits offer. But for those times when you do need them, isn't it nice to know they are there?

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