Tactical Applications

Tactical, or law enforcement, scenarios typically have several common characteristics. Users of ghillie apparel have more desire to be totally concealed than civilian users. They tend to end up closer to their surveillance targets and have a little more time to set up for their approach than military users. They prefer to have more coverage on the front and back of their parkas, and/or do not usually have to low - crawl to their target locations over very large distances (say 600 meters or so). And they like options (like pockets, thumb loops or draw strings) and the choice of whether or not to have to wear additional apparatus such as leg pads as each situation begins.

There are two ghillie alternatives designed specifically for the tactical community.

  1. The Light Tactical Ghillie is, for the most part, an upgraded Special Operations Suit. The parka weighs 8 lbs. and has

    The leg chaps weigh 2.5 pounds and come with

    It should be noted in passing that many departments or agencies begin with a SOG suit and add only those options they really want and still stay within budgets or individual limits.

    The LTG's Advanced Crawl Design adds 1.5 pounds to the parka by adding arm pads, with or without inside batting. (The extra padding is nice, but does add to the heat and weight of the suit.) Chest pads are also available, but are not a part of the standard ACD. It is also possible to cover these pads with shorter lengths of burlap, but you trade better coverage for snagging. The ACD also adds leg pads. These pads weigh roughly 4.5 pounds and are made with a NYCO base, have inside batting and are covered with a 1000 denier cordura. They come down the front of the legs and have a wider piece that wraps around the inside of the knees to support low-crawl operations. They are designed to be worn with standard leg chaps, and may be used only when needed.

  2. The Full Tactical Ghillie is our heaviest non-BDU unit. It has, by far, the most burlap coverage on both the front and back of the parka. It is designed to provide complete coverage no matter where the observer ends up or in what position he finds himself. The parka comes with:

    The leg chaps are a wrap-around design, covering the front, sides and back of the legs. The FTG has a lot of long burlap on the front of the suit, and therefore does not lend itself well to crawling. It therefore does not have, as a standard option, the cordura zipper flap. This option could, of course, be ordered.

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