Thermal Images of Custom Concealment, Inc.'s Thermal Ghillie Suit

While all of Custom Concealment, Inc.'s ghillie suits baffle electro-optical equipment to some degree, there are two suits made specifically for that purpose which works exceptionally well.

A picture is worth a thousand words telling you how well they work. This page shows photos of the first design that works completely. To see the second design that works well enough to stake your life on, go here.

on rubble

on rubble

Huh? What's this? Looks like a pile of trash!

This is a man in our ghillie suit designed to baffle and confound thermal imaging equipment, lying on top of a pile of rubble and weeds. This photo was taken in June, 2000, on a US military base using the latest generation of thermal imaging equipment available.

That bright white spot in the upper left-hand portion of the second photo is a mouse crawling through the rubble.

From above

Same suit, new angle. The man in the suit is stretched out on the ground, two stories below the window through which this image was shot. Open field, just the man in our suit and a lot of open grass.

From above

Same window, same man, same field, new camera settings.

On his feet

We had the man stand up and remove his hood to get a good idea of what a human looks like through thermal imaging equipment. He is holding the hood in his left hand, which is why he appears to have only one hand. Note the two white spots on the ground below the hood, where he was resting his elbows while he stretched out.

While we at Custom Concealment, Inc. realize that it's not always necessary to have quite this much concealment in every situation, isn't it comforting to know that when your life is on the line and you absolutely cannot be found and live to tell about it, someone makes a ghillie suit which will conceal you to this degree?

Custom Concealment, Inc. must state that these suits may not be available to civilians. Please call for availability and pricing.

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